The Golden Age–Volume Three


ABOVE: The unfolded dust jacket design.


The book is 224 pages, 9”x12”, full-color on premium glossy stock, hardbound with dust jacket. Limited to just 900 copies.

$44.95 plus postage.



Avati, Ballantine, Beckhoff, Benda, Bergey, Biggs, Bowler, Brehm, Briggs, Brown, Brown, Brunner, Buell, Bull, Bundy, Burns, Cady, Campbell, Carter, Chiriacka, Christy, Clymer, Cooper, Cornwell, Coughlin, Craft, Crandell, Crawford, Crockwell, D'andrea, Damron, Darley, Davis, De Mers, Dohanos, Dorne, Downes, Driben, Dryden, Duer, Dulac, Dumas, Dunn, Dunton, Durenceau, Ekman, Elliot, Enright, Epperly, Erbit, Erickson, Erickson, Falter, Fawcett, Fischer, Fisher, Flagg, Folkard, Forsberg, Foxley, Frahm, Gannam, Gaul, Gaze, Georgi, Giguère, Gilbert, Gillen, Gillespie, Godwin, , Graef, Granville-Smith, Gross, Hampson, Hastings, Heitland, Hilbert, Hintermeister, Hoff, Holmgren, Hood, Hughes, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurst, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Kalin, Keay, Keller, Kernan, Klett, Lagatta, Lathrop, Leach, Leake, Lebrun, Leyendecker, Lindsay, Link, Louderback, Lovell, Lowell, Mccarthy, Mccay, Mcginness, Mcmein, Meese, Moran, Nappi, Neill, Newell, Olson, Parker, Parrish, Peterson, Phillips, Pogany, Potthast, Price, Pyle, Rabreau, Rabut, Reinhart, Relyea, Reusswig, Riggs, Robinson, Rockwell, Rozen, Rozen, Saalburg, Safran, Sambrook, Sandham, Saunders, Savage, Sawyers, Sawyer, Schaare, Schaeffer, Schmidt, Schomburg, Schoonover, Schulz, Scott, Sewell, Shaw, Shepherd, Shermund, Shinn, Sickles, Sidrone, Smith, Smith, Smith, Soulen, St. John, Stahr, Stanley, Stephens, Sterner, Stevens, Stoops, Stuart, Studdy, Tepper, Terpning, Thomson, Thrasher, Thulstrup, Tilburne, Timlin, Tinsley, Tossey, Traver, Travis, Utz, Valigursky, Van Buren, Vargas, Varian, Vassos, Verbeck, Ward, Ward, Webb, Wenzel, Woener, Whitcomb, Whitmore, Wilbur, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wistehuff, Wittmack, Wolsky, Wood, Woolf, Wyeth, Zuckerberg.

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This book is limited to 1000 copies. It is 224 pages, 9”x12”, full-color on premium glossy stock, hardbound with dust jacket. 

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A Special Edition version of the book was available, limited to 100 copies. These are presented in a golden yellow slipcase with white stamped lettering, signed and numbered by editor Daniel Zimmer, with a bookplate affixed to the front endpapers.

ABOVE: The Special Edition comes in a golden yellow slipcase.

ABOVE: The Special Edition features a signed and numbered book plate.


That's right, a THIRD volume of The Golden Age series is available now!

This spectacular new edition continues in the tradition of our previous two Golden Age books. Presented in the same format as before, printed on the same paper stocks, and produced with the same lavish production values and attention to detail you've come to expect from The Illustrated Press, this new book features even more incredible artworks from the Golden Age of illustration. This time out we feature 204 artists with 217 full page reproductions of original paintings, all photographed directly from the original art.

If you were pleased with Volume One, you will be equally excited about  the Volumes Two and Three. While each book can stand alone, considered together they collectively represent an exhaustive survey of some of the greatest masterpieces of American illustration art.